Those were the old days....
                                                                                                                                       what our customers said:

Feel Good Girls
Multimedia University

All thumbs...! 
For these Cyber Angels,
layer cake from CakesMalaysia is ...
"... simply THE BEST!


Gina & Baby Firdaus

"I was totally impressed with the online services they had offered. 
Reasonably priced. Very pleased with our orders for a special Mother’s Day. 
Friendly and prompt delivery. I will tell my Malaysian's friends in LA all about it. 
I would definitely order from CakesMalaysia again." 

Salam manis dari LA
California, USA


Harrace & Associates

"One for All, all for One!
Wonderful cake from
Try it, you'll taste the most delicious layer cake!"


Zie's Family & Friends

"We appreciate the excellent idea for better family ties 
and in remembering the love ones especially for us who 
are far apart in distance but close in touch" 

Zie & family
United Kingdom


Myriam Oliveres
Energetic Healer.
Reiki Master providing Healthy Lifestyle.
Malaysian-based French 

"Excellent! These are the greatest layer cakes in the 
whole of Malaysia. So soft, so moist, so tasty, cannot stop eating them! 
And they are delivered to your door steps too. So convenient!"


Nutritionist, Director
Anggun International

"Truely authentic and best of all, it's freshly baked 
homemade style straight from DASBEQ. That's the way 
I like my cakes to be delivered, with a personal touch.
Try it and you'll know when it comes to layer cakes, 
DASBEQ is my choice."
Business Consultant 
SMS Unwind 

"Very good! Very delicious and not too sweet like others. 
At last I found a good and healthy gift for my mom and dad 
without the trouble to hunt around. I just need to order online or call 
and I know my gift will be delivered straight away."


Datin Zam
Petaling Jaya 

"I love this! 
I have never tasted a cake that is so wonderful and moist.
Beautiful gift for a friend's birthday.
Most of all, the price is very very reasonable,
what more, it's delivered to your doorsteps.
Try it and you will know what I mean!"